Mediation is a form of dispute resolution that is often appealing to 2 parties (or more) who have a legal issue between them. Mediation can be used to resolve disputes of any magnitude and, as a voluntary process, allows the participants to craft their own resolution through the use of a 3rd party to serve as the neutral mediator.

Hunter, Smith & Davis, LLP attorneys Morris Hadden, Michael Forrester, Steve Darden and Jason Creech are Tennessee Rule 31 Mediators, providing mediation services to parties who seek to resolve legal issues through alternative dispute resolution.

Many types of legal disputes are resolved through mediation and the achievement of a mediated settlement agreement either before or after a lawsuit is filed. Some of the more common are:

  • Divorce / Alimony
  • Parenting Arrangements
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Termination of Employment
  • Workers’ Compensation Cases
  • Discrimination / Harassment
  • Estate Administration / Trusts
  • Eldercare Arrangements
  • Tenant / Landlord Disagreements
  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Insurance Settlements