Hunter, Smith & Davis Achieves Several Favorable Outcomes for Clients Following Trials in 2018

December 2018

In November 2018, partners Leslie Ridings and Caroline Williams successfully defended at trial a personal injury suit. Our client was a motorist who struck a jogging pedestrian. Unfortunately, the pedestrian’s injuries were extensive. The amount sought in the lawsuit exceeded a million dollars.

The first day of trial resulted in an early mistrial, but not to be deterred, the court reconvened the next day with jury selection and the trial followed. The trial took two days. In defense, Leslie and Caroline were able to establish that the jogger was 80% at fault, with only 20% on the Defendant. Thus, under the law of modified comparative fault, the Plaintiff’s claim was denied.

Defense verdicts were also awarded by the juries in a trio of trials involving health care clients. Jimmie Miller was involved in all three, with able assistance from co-counsel.

The most recent was this month in the defense of a health care institution in Washington County.

In April, Jimmie and Meredith Humbert, also a partner with the firm, received a defense verdict in a multi-week trial for a physician group in Sullivan County.

In February, HSD Partner Jim Humphreys and Jimmie represented a physician in Wise County, Virginia and received a defense verdict following an eight-day trial.

The health care practice group represents several hospitals in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, as well as numerous physician practice groups.

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